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Interview with Julie Simone, Miss Rubber World Contestant

Mistress Julie Simone, Competitor for Miss Rubber World 2013

Photo Courtesy VK Photography and Mistress Julie Simone

Julie Simone is one of the most active fetish models in the United States. Simone is a performer, director and producer of adult videos. She is a BDSM educator, professional bondage rigger, fetish photographer and professional Dominatrix. Simone is obsessed with rubber, which is featured prominently in her member’s site, This April she’ll be competing for the title of Miss Rubber World 2013, held during New York Rubber Ball.

Marquis: Recently, you said “For me, latex isn’t about fashion, it’s about the feeling and headspace one goes into when wearing it.” Tell us more about that feeling you get, and how did all this start out for you? What drew you into latex and rubber?

Julie Simone: I became familiar with latex when someone approached me to be in a documentary where I would live as a rubber doll for one month. I had never seen rubber before that. He gave me  a copy of Marquis Magazine, Marquis’ Heavy Rubber Magazine and White Room 3, which I still have on VHS.  All three of these things are among my most prized possessions even 15 years later.

So the first images I saw of rubber were heavy encasement clear latex. That’s probably why I am so into the clear rubber. I’ve never really been into fashion, but when I wear latex or when I put a hood on someone (or even on myself) there’s this transformation that happens in the energy that is simply hypnotic and breathtaking. It can either be very calming for me, or it can make me feel more dominant. It depends on the outfit, the amount of skin covered, the thickness of the rubber, and so forth.

Marquis: You’re not just a model, but you’re producing and selling your own content. Who have been your favorite people to work with behind the camera and what was your wildest latex adventure in front of the camera?

Simone: Summer Cummings is definitely a favorite of mine, as are Nikki Sebastian, Miss Kitsch, Ashley Renee, and Bella Vendetta. Sadly, Bella is allergic to latex so we don’t shoot that when we get  together. Recently I shot some bizarro rubber content with and that was a lot of fun. They had an inflatable bed with full access, an inflatable hood and a breath play apparatus that had the breathing tube through a dildo on one end and a rebreather balloon on the other. It was super intense and hot!

Marquis: Last year designer and model Lydia Lael was running for the title, and you worked closely with Lael to help her try to win the title. Are you working exclusively with Lael this year, or are there other latex designers you’ll be working with when you run for Miss Rubber World?

Simone: Lydia is one of the best, there’s no reason for me to work with anyone else.  I will be wearing a design by SLYX Fashions mixed with some of Lydia’s accessories and a classic Demask piece but the rest will be things Lydia either made from scratch or modified for me.

Marquis: Can you give us a hint as to what you’ve got planned for the fantasy competition?

Simone: It’s a secret…

Marquis: Who are you most looking forward to seeing at Miss Rubber World this year?

Simone: It’s always nice to see Jean Bardot.  From the moment I met her when we both performed at Fetish Factory in 2004, she’s always been so sweet and genuine and friendly.  It’s nice to see someone with her fame to be so grounded and real.

Marquis: Many models have special affection for a type of latex product such as hoods, catsuits, or vacbeds. What latex item do love the most and how does it make you feel?

Simone: I really love hoods. I love taking away the power of one’s beauty, of becoming anonymous. I often feel very submissive when I wear hoods, which is a rare thing for Me these days.

Marquis: What is the wildest latex adventure you’ve had off camera?

Simone: This wasn’t really “wild” but it was very cute. Recently, I was in Houston for my birthday visiting my dear friend Domina Shannon. After I performed at a club, a group of us went to her dungeon and started playing rubber dress up. Shannon dressed me up, and I dressed two other women up and got even one  of them to wear a hood for me. It was very cute.

Julie Simone announces her entry into Miss Rubber World 2013 Competition

Julie Simone, Photo by Peter Czernich

Marquis: As a professional Dominatrix, what advice do you have for novice subbies curious about a rubber session?

Simone: I think if someone is curious about latex, they should find a Domme who specializes in that. One who has a wardrobe on hand for them to be able to try on and experience before making the financial commitment to owning their own rubber.

Marquis: Who in fetish inspires you the most, and why?

Simone: Lately I’ve been very inspired by My pals Domina Shannon and Sheri Darling. Domina Shannon just opened a commercial dungeon and is spending a lot of time training Her girls.  Sheri has a really amazing relationship with Her slave that has changed the way I look at that dynamic.

Marquis: What is the wildest fantasy you haven’t been able to try out yet? Is there someone you’re dying to work with and haven’t had the chance to?

Simone: I think I’ve fulfilled all my fantasies actually! Aria Giovanni is my dream model.  She is perfection. I love her curves and how amazing she looks in latex or naked.

Marquis: Tell us a little about your crowdfunding project.

Simone: My crowd funding project is through IndieGogo and is an attempt to finance a new t-shirt line that is a fusion of my paintings and photography. There are several perks to entice donations, including framed gallery prints (one of which has heavy rubber), signed prints of the t-shirt art, t-shirts, DVDs, and more. The link to the campaign is here:

Marquis: Thank you so much for talking to us today. What do you have lined up before Miss Rubber World? Do you have additional plans for the New York Rubber Ball?

Simone: The week before is going to be one of the busiest weeks of My life!  First I’m in Essen Germany for Fetish Evolution where I’ll be walking the runway for Vengeance Designs, then I’ll be speaking on a panel at the Feminist Porn Awards in Toronto, where I have 5 nominations. I get back to NYC the morning of the Miss Rubber World competition and will rehearse in the afternoon then head over to the competition. It’s going to be a crazy week but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Julie Simone will be competing for the title of Miss Rubber World 2013 on Saturday, April 6th. The event will be held at the Union Square Ballroom in New York City. More details, and tickets are available through

Go to to see even more of Simone and her adventures.

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