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Xel Anianka is Miss Marquis France 2012

Xel Anianka won the title of Miss Marquis France 2012 on Saturday against 4 candidates during the Fetish Market organized within the framework of the Bal des Supplices.

This year, jury members were Ultimate Psycho, the famous French photographers, Maîtresse Salem the organiser of the Fetish Project at Bruxelles, Julien and Marilyne the organisers of the Bal des Supplices, with the exceptional participation of Ophelia Overdose who was pleasantly surprised by the shows of the candidates.

The 5 girls shared with us their world through their performance. Wearing a black outfit, Comtesse Melainya started the performances with a classic dance on a rock song. Then Mademoiselle Chérie came on the stage with a tshirt from the Bal des Supplices and she made a sensual striptease. Xel Anianka imposed a strong style and she moved on stage dressed with a gasmask and a white nuclear combination that she tore up revealing a beautiful heavy rubber outfit. Then, Drakaena captivated the audience and the jury with her talents in belly dancing. And finally, Darla Demonia snaked around her human tree, and she little by little took off her lycra catsuit, revealing her beautiful tattoos and above all a fig-leaf that hid her sex.

As soon as she became Miss Marquis France 2012, Xel Anianka received partnership proposals. So be aware, you’ll definitly be hearing about her!

Xel Anianka

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